Asher Fulero Band
Catching Air

Asher Fulero Band

Asher Fulero Band: Catching Air (cover art)

Asher Fulero Band
Catching Air (.zip file)
(self-released, 2015)

1. Piece (feat. Steve Berlin)
2. Thoughts On Paper
3. Get It
4. Launchpad
5. Coming Home (feat. Mimi Naja)
6. More Thoughts

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Asher Fulero Band: press shot
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Tour Dates:

10/08/15 - Zodiacs Petaluma - Petaluma, CA

10/09/15 - Doc's Lab - San Francisco, CA

10/10/15 - Talent Club - Talent, OR

10/15/15 - Nectar Lounge - Seattle, WA

10/16/15 - Emerald of Siam - Richland, WA

10/17/15 - John's Alley Tavern - Moscow, ID

10/18/15 - John's Alley Tavern - Moscow, ID

10/23/15 - Sam Bond's Garage - Eugene, OR

10/24/15 - Goodfoot Pub & Lounge - Portland, OR

10/25/15 - The Skyway - Zigzag, OR

10/29/15 - McMenamins Old St. Francis School - Bend, OR

10/30/15 - The Birk - Birkenfeld, OR


Portland, Oregon-based pianist/keyboardist/composer/producer Asher Fulero, known for appearing on studio tracks of Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Jakob Dylan, David Grisman, and Ernest Ranglin, to name a few, and sitting in with and/or sharing the stage with too many acts to mention, comes full circle with Catching Air, taking the reigns as the frontman of the Asher Fulero Band on their debut full-length.

A six-track collection of songs that blend funk/jazz-fusion, classic progressive rock, Americana, and psychedelic with the improvisational bent of the jam band culture, Catching Air, which will be released nationally October 9th, finds the six Fulero originals come alive as the band bobs and weaves through complex arrangements as easily as they turn on a dime to rework the songs into new spaces at a signal from Fulero.

The Asher Fulero Band is comprised of Brett McConnell (bass), Murray Gusseck (drums), as well as Darvey Santner and Nathan Day (both on guitar).

Featuring guest appearances from seven-time Grammy-winning producer/saxophonist Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) and singer/mandolinist Mimi Naja (Fruition), and recorded and mixed by Justin Phelps (Cake, The Mars Volta, Joe Satriani, Neville Brothers, Dresden Dolls, Mr. Bungle), Catching Air matches the intensity and sweatiness of the band's live show, led by Fulero's powerful keyboard work.

Each of the six tracks wrap around an undeniable groove, delivering a warm, three dimensional sound that is both eclectic and electric, the magic of the band's unapologetically long, yet energetic and powerful arrangements give the band plenty of room to vibe and create space for Asher to display his keyboard ferocity.

"Piece," the album opener, featuring Los Lobos' Steve Berlin, starts the album off with some funk, while "Thoughts On Paper" blends a subtle jazz undertow with pop sensibilities, all while never forgetting the groove to keep you moving.

"Coming Home," which features Fruition's Mimi Naja, adds Americana to the soundscape; Fulero's keyboards always front and center, to Naja's mandolin adding flavor and flare.

Album closer "More Thoughts" winds thing down with a psychedelic-infused jazz/funk fusion that will screams Asher Fulero Band.

Bottom line, Catching Air's big room-ready sound will not fail to get smiles flowing and butts moving, leaving the listener shouting for more while shaking their head in disbelief.

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